During the Covid-19 pandemic, karaoke fans were a little disappointed that they couldn't sing at will. By wearing masks, their voices are less "clear."
But don't worry. Xing Inc., a nagoya-based subsidiary of Brother Industries Ltd, claims to have a solution. Karaoke venue operator Joysound added a new feature of "mask effect" on the screen of the song selection device. The feature has been installed at 110 karaoke venues since early July.

When turned on, the singer's voice is clearly heard. The secret is how the effect adjusts the medium and high pitched sound.
"it makes the singer's voice sound natural," said Koyama Tomomi (27) who developed the feature.
The feature gave them a boost and made other technical corrections while filtering the sound for Xing to improve its karaoke system by designing better settings and features to improve the karaoke experience for customers, so Koyama leveraged the company's expertise when making improvements to mask dampers.
Xing began to develop the mask effect in May when the Covid-19 pandemic worsened in Japan so they had to temporarily close the karaoke room when it was declared in a state of emergency.
Koyama and other staff began designing the feature under encouragement from company officials. The team sang about 100 songs, ranging from traditional "enka" to modern pop songs, to make sure they got the right sound.
Although the number of customers continues to decline, Koyama hopes that his business will start to recover because now people can enjoy karaoke as much as they want even if they have to wear masks.
Daiichikosho Co., operator of karaoke venue DAM, followed in Xing's footsteps by introducing a similar feature on Oct. He also promoted a service for remote workers to book karaoke rooms to use as office space, which was introduced before the pandemic began.


It's no wonder that many people want to move to Japan. A survey by global money transfer service Remitly found many people around the world want to live and work in Sakura Country.
Interestingly, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, in online search engines many people are looking for information on how to move abroad. Based on the data, Remitly found Japan to be the second most popular country after Canada became the destination country to move and live in.
Search data collected from 101 countries, Japan came in second followed by Spain, Germany and Qatar. Canada, Japan, Spain, Germany and Qatar are the top five favorite countries.
The Land of the Rising Sun is the most popular destination in 13 countries. If observed further, Japan is the first choice for people from the United States, Canada, Australia and most countries in Southeast Asia: Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines. While the Japanese themselves mostly want to move to England.
Previously, Japan also ranked in the top 10 of the 2020 Global Peace Index for its security, scenic beauty and culture. Not to mention the delicacy of the food. This may be the reason why you want to move to Japan.

Internship Process

Approximate About the cost:

The cost of education until participants dapet company that is 5jt (Including mcu, buku2 equipment, uniforms, mess etc.). Can be phased in twice. And does not include the cost of meals.

*Regarding processing costs* it is about 30-40jtan (depending on sending organization / SO). Paid 2 times with the provisions: after the participant dapet company pay 50% of it, the rest when the participant's residence permit goes down or already want to fly.

Painting Company Selection Moment

#Moment Interview 09-12-2020
Omedetou gozaimasu for you from Kendal and Sukabumi who graduated from the Japanese painting company Ibaraki.
1. Ipan Maulana K3-11
2. Prayogo
3. Fiki
4. Edi Ferry
5. Ahmad Ryan