Institution Profile


RUMAH JAPAN KAINA as one of the Japanese Language Private provides opportunities for Indonesian youth (i) to be placed in companies in Japan to participate in apprenticeship programs in order to improve the quality and competence of themselves.

RUMAH JAPAN KAINA conducts the recruitment process of prospective participants until the implementation of education and pre-placement training of participants in Japan that has been tested in accordance with the needs required by companies in Japan which include: Japanese Language and Culture, Physical, Mental, Discipline and Character Building, Spiritual Education, Entrepreneurship and Technical Training adjusting the field of apprenticeship

In the draft international cooperation framework between Japan and Indonesia, RUMAH JEPANG KAINA has opened representative offices in Tokyo and Osaka to facilitate the implementation of internship placement programs in Japan. And now we have placed about 1,000 apprentices to several Companies in Japan in various fields including: Construction, Welding, Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock, Manufacturing, Processed Food Industry, etc.

In addition, RUMAH JAPAN KAINA also prepares and facilitates post-internship programs for those who have completed apprenticeship programs in Japan. It is hoped that this program can encourage alumni participants to have independent business either individually or in groups according to the experience gained in Japan. To realize this goal, RUMAH JAPAN KAINA has cooperated with local governments, relevant ministries, research centers, local and international companies.

RUMAH JAPAN KAINA believes that the Independent Business Development Program through Apprenticeships to Japan can benefit, among others:

  • Giving birth to young entrepreneurs who are independent, creative and competitive.
  • Encourage regional economic growth that can contribute to reducing the national unemployment rate.
  • Improving the competitiveness of national products on the International market.